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ChinaUSmile by the Roll has the best quality polyester, nylon and UHMWPE webbing in the industry. Choose from the following 1500 pounds of polyester webbing, including 1" black, camouflage and many other colors of polyester webbing, such as olive brown, charcoal gray, etc. We also provide 1/2" Polypro/tubular webbing and MIL-SPEC webbing. The webbing is very suitable for outdoor equipment and projects such as tree straps, backpack straps or hammock hanging.

Webbing is a strong fabric woven into flat strips or tubes with different widths and fibers, and is usually used instead of ropes. It is a multifunctional component used in many fields such as climbing, elastic bands, furniture manufacturing, automobile safety, racing, traction, parachuting, military uniforms, load fixing and so on.

They can be made of hemp, cotton or linen, or synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polypropylene or polyester. The webbing is also made of particularly high-strength materials, such as Dyneema and Kevlar. The webbing is light and strong, with a breaking strength of over 10,000 lbf

The webbing has two basic structures. Flat webbing is a solid braid, and safety belts and most backpack belts are common examples. Tubular webbing consists of flat tubes and is commonly used for climbing and industrial applications.