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Polyester yarn and nylon yarn are the most productive yarns among synthetic yarns. In 2017, the whole world produces 61.58 million tons of synthetic fibers (excluding polyolefin fibers). These include 37.17 million tonnes of polyester filament yarn (55.5%), 16.6 million tonnes of polyester spun yarn (24.8%), and 4.93 million tonnes of nylon yarn (7.4%). As of 2021, China's chemical fiber production ranks first in the world for 23 consecutive years. Nylon Yarn Properties: The biggest feature of nylon is high strength and good wear resistance. In dry environments, nylon is prone to static electricity, and short fiber fabrics are also prone to fluff and pilling. The heat and light resistance of nylon is not enough, so the ironing temperature should be controlled below 140 °C. In addition, nylon has poor shape retention, and fabrics made from it are not as rigid as polyester and are easily deformed. But it can be attached to the body and is a good material for making shirts of different body sizes. Polyester Yarn Properties: The biggest feature of polyester is stable quality, good strength and abrasion resistance. The fabric made of polyester is tough and not easy to deform, and the heat resistance of polyester is also strong. Polyester also has good chemical stability and will not interact with weak acids, weak bases and oxidants at normal temperature.