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Polypropylene yarn

What is Polypropylene yarn

Polypropylene yarn, acknowledged as the lightest and most useful yarn used in the textile sector, is also called PP yarn and polyp yarn.


Polypropylene yarn has a hygienic structure that does not cause allergies. Moisture created by sweat and similar causes is leached out of the breathing structure, does not retain moisture and water, and does not contain dirt and stains.

Also, it is in a more advantageous position than many other yarn variants in terms of conversion in nature and reusability.

It is a kind of thread which can also be given high strength properties in the required proportion. It has characteristics such as high durability and toughness to be achieved by the applications carried out during manufacturing.

Due to its technical characteristics, it is not only used as the most preferred yarn type by the narrow weaving sector, but also used in many different fields and sectors such as home textile, sock and carpet manufacturing.


One of our main products is polypropylene webbing.


Characteristics of polypropylene webbing

Polypropylene webbing exhibits a variety of characteristics that make it suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications. Some of the key features of the material include:

Less cost: Compared to webbing made from other materials (such as nylon and polyester), polypropylene webbing is available at a much lower cost.

High strength: While not suitable for use in lifting applications, polypropylene webbing provides sufficient strength for products such as luggage, lifejackets, belts, and more.

Widespread resistance: Polypropylene webbing exhibits resistance to water, chemicals, oils and greases, and acids. Additionally, it resists the absorption of odors.