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Rubber Thread

ChinaUSmile’s Latex Rubber Elastic Thread can be traced back to its best raw material (imported Latex Rubber) and excellent freshness during extraction, which determines the ductility and durability of Kingbird rubber thread. ChinaUSmile’s Latex Thread is determined to meet all customer needs with high-quality rubber thread products, reliable standards and continuous product development. ChinaUSmile’s rubber elastic sewing thread is available in a variety of models, sizes and colors, with guaranteed quality to meet the various needs of customers. Kingbird glue thread is suitable for a series of products from glue thread used in the production of socks, stockings, pants and underwear to various tapes used in the textile industry. Latex Rubber Thread Manufacturer To ensure that the latex rubber is always fresh, Kingbird has always maintained a close connection between the manufacturing facility and the source of extraction. With continuous innovation, professional care and attention to details; Kingbird has successfully developed an ideal rubber thread for safe use in various related linear elastic industries.