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Spandex Yarn from Manufacturers & Suppliers in China

Spandex yarn is a man-made elastic fiber developed. It is a kind of artificial texture material with elastic properties, which is called "elastic yarn" non-exclusively. Spandex yarn is usually used for sports or dynamic clothing. Spandex, as a clothing material, has been fascinated by a few people, probably because this piece of clothing constitutes an "instant skin" as a fetish substitute for the wearer's own specific skin. Spandex can be stretched 4 to 7 times its base length, but once the strain is released, it will spring back to its unique length. Although everyone says that spandex seems to be a single long-lasting thread, it is actually a bunch of tiny fibers.

Characteristics of spandex yarn/stretch yarn:

  • Calories: Stick to 350-390F. Soften more than 500F.
  • Bleaching agents and solvents: Good resistance to oxidizing agents. Poor anti-whitening ability.
  • Acids and bases: good
  • Wear: weak (weak) good, but corrodes in solid acid and alkali.
  • Mildew, aging and sunlight: excellent anti-aging and anti-accumulation properties. Good resistance to sunlight.

Properties of spandex

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Long life and sturdy structure
  • Unique woven design
  • Ideal for mechanical and household unit applications

How to use spandex yarn or stretch thread?

Stretch yarn must not be used alone; it is constantly combined with another fiber (or strand), normal or artificial. The texture improved with spandex retains the main part of the fiber. The type of texture and its end use determine the total amount and type of spandex needed to ensure the ideal execution and style. Only 2% Lycra is sufficient to enhance texture development, wrapping and shape retention, while the texture of elite clothing, such as swimwear and dynamic sportswear, may contain as much as 20-30% spandex. Weaving or sewing methods, together with texture classification and end utilization, determine whether spandex yarns are used for exposed or fixed yarn shapes.

Application/purpose of stretch yarn/spandex yarn:

  Widely used for weaving items, such as
  • Socks and stockings
  • clothing
  • Seamless clothing
  • Sweater
  • gloves
  • Narrow fabric
  • Swimsuit
  • Medical bandage
  • smocking
  • Wristband
  • Head bandage