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Nylon DTY

ChinaUSmile is one of the most important and leading indenter companies, based at Fujia, China. We have a strong nylon DTY network in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Spain, Italy and various other countries. Nylon POY is used to make nylon DTY. Nylon POY is twisted and stretched to make DTY. Nylon DTY is used to manufacture hosiery, fishing nets, and ropes, and high-strength nylon DTY is used to produce tire cord.

Nylon DTY has a semi-dull and bright DTY luster. The color elastomer is mixed with the raw materials to make the original solution dyeing DTY. Dope dyed POY yarn can be used to make dope dyed DTY yarn. The international standard packaging of 1.89 kg cone can be provided. DTY from China and India is being exported in large quantities to Egypt, Syria, Argentina and several other countries. DTY yarns usually have the following deniers, and we can provide you with the best quality nylon DTY of all these specifications.

Denier / Filaments Color Lustre Denier / Filaments Color Lustre
12D/5F RW SD 60D/48F RW SD
12D/5F RW SD 70D/24F RW /BLACK SD / FD
25D/12F RW /BLACK SD / FD 70D/24F/2 RW /BLACK SD / FD
36D/10F RW SD 70D/68F RW /BLACK SD / FD
36D/12F RW SD 70D/68F/2 RW /BLACK SD / FD
36D/14F RW SD 86D/24F RW /BLACK SD / FD
38D/12F RW /BLACK SD / FD 86D/34F RW SD
38D/14F RW SD 86D/48F RW /BLACK SD / FD
44D/10F RW SD 86D/68F RW SD / FD
44D/14F RW SD 86D/72F RW /BLACK SD / FD
49D/10F RW FD 120D/24F RW SD
49D/14F RW SD / FD 120D/34F RW /BLACK SD / FD
49D/34F RW SD / FD 86D/24F RW SD
50D/12F RW /BLACK SD / FD (Draw Warp Use)
50D/48F RW SD (Dope Dyed)
  • BR-TL: Bright Triloble
  • SD: Semi Dull
  • SCD : Set Yarn
  • FD: Full Dull
  • BK: Black Dope Dyed
  • SET: Set Yarn
  • SIL: Slightly Intermingle
  • WIL: Heavy Intermingle