Why Spandex yarn is the Best Fabric for Swimwear?

It is an indisputable fact that the quality of the swimwear fabric has a direct impact on the performance of the swimmer. Since the ideal swimwear fabric provides a perfect stretch and dries real quick, spandex for swimwear has all the qualities of the best swimwear fabric.

Spandex yarn fabric wicks away moisture quickly and provides the right amount of stretch and comfort to swimwear while natural fabrics like organic cotton and wool are generally not considered the best fabrics for swimwear as it tends to make swimwear bulky and impractical and dries really slow.


Spandex is an ideal fabric for swimwear, but it cannot stand alone, so it is blended with fabrics such as nylon to create shape retention and a stable look. When spandex is added to swimwear fabrics, it enhances durability and functionality while providing an amazing swimming experience.


Wondering what qualities make spandex the best fabric for swimwear?


Let’s go through some of the distinguishing properties of spandex that make it ideal for swimwear.


Amazing Recovery

Dries Quickly

Durable Spandex fiber

Enhances the quality


Elegant & Comfortable look



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The best swimwear fabric is the one that meets the needs of the swimmer without any hassle, whereas while selecting the best fabric for swimwear you may need to rethink and consider various factors such as: comfort, stretch, water resistance, and so on.

Most swimwear believes that different fabrics behave differently under water. Each garment fits and feels different so it is important to choose the right fabric that enhances performance and comfort.


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