Spinning finishes for textile yarns and their uses

In today’s industrial textile manufacturing process, spin finishes play an important role in the overall performance of polyester filament (CF) fibers and yarns. Nylon and polyester fiber yarn production lines usually use additive finishing agents. Due to the sometimes high cost and limited supply of nylon, and the use of polyester as a cheaper alternative, the polyester filament market is growing rapidly.


The design and development of spinning finishing agents are aimed at providing characteristics for the performance and processability of polyester yarns as well as specific value-added characteristics. These additives are used in fully drawn yarns (FDY) and spun drawn yarns (SPY), usually based on esters or mineral oil. Other finishing agents do not contain mineral oil and can be classified as biodegradable because they are easily soluble in water, thereby improving dyeing uniformity and washing power.


Benefits and possibilities can be engineered into industrial polyester yarn through specialized spin finishes including :

  • Improved filament cohesion during warping, knitting, twisting and texturing process.
  • Reduced friction and Lubrication
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Eliminated or reduced static electrical charge
  • Adhesion Activation (AA)
  • Reduced electrical conductivity for non-conductive yarns
  • Water Repellency or Anti-wicking
  • Flame retardance
  • Anti-microbial
  • Thermal stability to prevent damage to yarn for improved processing
  • Improved dyeing uniformity and colorfastness
  • Laundering friendly
  • Sustainability – biodegradable finishes free of mineral oil
  • FDA compliance suitable for direct or indirect food contact



Marine Finish is an example of a process-enhanced finish. Generally speaking, marine facing is a facing containing silicone. Originally designed to prevent yarn wear in large mooring ropes, this finish not only has abrasion resistance, but also enhances the non-conductivity of polyester yarns used in key product applications.


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Careful consideration should be given to choosing the correct finish. Your choice may depend on your specific use and environmental conditions. If you need help choosing the ideal polyester for your application, please contact Service Thread for specifications and recommendations.